Welcome to WDMapp’s documentation!


The Whole Device Model Application (WDMApp) in the DOE Exascale Computing Project (ECP) is developing a high-fidelity model of magnetically confined fusion plasmas, urgently needed to plan experiments on ITER and optimize the design of next-step fusion facilities. These devices will operate in high-fusion-gain physics regimes not achieved by any experiment, making predictive numerical simulation the best tool for the task. WDMApp is focused on building the main driver and coupling framework for a WDM. The main driver is based on the coupling of two advanced and highly scalable gyrokinetic codes, XGC and GENE, where the former is a particle-in-cell code optimized for the treating the edge plasma while the other is a continuum code optimized for the core. As an alternative, the GEM gyrokinetic code can be used instead of GENE to simulate the core region. WDMApp aims to take advantage of the complementary nature of the simulation codes to build the most advanced and efficient whole device kinetic transport kernel for the WDM. A major part of the technical development work is targeting the coupling framework, which will be further developed for exascale and optimized for coupling most of the physics modules that will operate at various space and time scales. The current MPI +X is to be enhanced with communication-avoiding methods, task-based parallelism, in situ analysis with resources for load optimization workflows, and deep memory hierarchy-aware algorithms.

Sample simulation results from the WDMApp codes are available at http://wdmapp.pppl.gov/.

Building and Running WDMapp

In the following, we provide instructions on how to build and run WDMapp on specific machines. We are using the Spack package manager, so it should be relatively straightforward to install on other machines as well, see also the generic instructions below.

Overall, the process works like this:

  • Apply for access
  • Install Spack and customize for your machine.
  • Add the WDMapp Spack repo.
  • Build and install WDMapp.
  • Provide input parameters and setup for simulation run.
  • Submit a job.

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